What we do ...

Stewart Media & Photography, LLC is a licensed Maryland-based photography business with a passion for capturing beautiful images of people and their events.  Portraits may include:

  • Beauty/Glamor (High Key & Low Key lighting)
  • Family Portraits
  • Maternity
  • Engagements
  • Corporate Head-shots

Documentary style events we capture may include:

  • Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Birthday Parties
  • and various other special events.

We also provide media-related services which includes:

  • Teasers
  • Trailers
  • Photo-Essays
  • Limited RAW video editing
  • Event Documentation

Photoshoots are conducted on location or in our studio. Our rates are competitive and payments can be tailored to meet your budget. Stewart Media & Photography enjoys working with preferred vendors such as Make-Up Artist, Ms. Tamika Jenae. Ultimately, we're committed to ensuring that you look your very best. Let us show the world a more beautiful you.!


Your event is planned and the date is set ... What next?

Through photos or video, let us capture the ambiance, key elements and pivotal moments throughout your event.  


We provide an experience to creatively capture your image. 

In-studio or On-location with royalty-free, professionally edited images, “Let us show the world a more beautiful you”.


Need a short video to showcase a person, group or event? 

We provide creative 720P or 1080p products in the form of photo-essays, movie teasers and trailers.

"... people absolutely love your photography. I've never gotten that many *likes* on any photo I've ever posted."

Who are we?


Transferring the photography business from the “Rocket City” of Huntsville, AL, Patrick is a part-time photographer bringing his passion for photography to the Baltimore-Washington area of Maryland. He has been capturing an assortment of images since 2010 and professionally for clients since 2013. Patrick enjoys Engineering and Technology but more so, he enjoys excercising his creative side with interesting people like you.


Also the owner of Dorian Stewart Productions, Dorian has served as Media Director for two local churches and as a Field Producer for two online news companies interviewing various R&B and Gospel artists. She also worked as a Sr. Editor for a show that aired on CW-Baltimore and The Word Network. Through marriage to Patrick, she now brings her technical talents to SM&P with a fun-loving and friendly personality to remember.

Together Dorian & Patrick form a charismatic duo of Stewart Media & Photography as we work together to "show the world a more beautiful you".

Or call: 1-877-345-9251

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