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1.1. Stewart Media & Photography, LLC (SM&P) is a licensed entity and proudly accepts most forms of payments including: Personal Checks, Money Orders, PayPal payments. Checks should be written to: " Stewart Media & Photography, LLC".
1.2. SM&P reserves the right to withdraw from Client services should the Client fail to pay SM&P invoice(s) within thirty (30) days of issuance.
1.3. A deposit no more than 75% of total payment may be expected prior to a scheduled photographic event. 100% of Client payment is required at completion of services while not in conflict with section 1.2.
1.4. A Client may incur a $25 fee + original invoice for returned checks. After which, SM&P will only accept payment via secured funds.
1.5. Deposits received by SM&P will be shown as a credit to the invoice where related services are being rendered.


2.1. Cancellations forty-eight (48) hours that is, two (2) working days in advance of an event will be charged as half (1/2) of a day at SM&P’s standard photographic event rate.
2.2. Cancellations twenty-four (24) hours (that is, one working day) in advance of an event will be charged as three-fourths (3/4) of a day at SM&P’s standard photographic event rate.
2.3. SM&P regards one (1) working day as eight (8) billable hours.


3.1. Client may incur additional charges at standard rates should an assignment overrun beyond the control of SM&P.


4.1. The Client shall be responsible for the behavior of any persons accompanying them to an assignment.
4.2. SM&P reserves the right to terminate any assignment without notice if SM&P deems the Client's behavior to be unruly or unsafe.


5.1. SM&P will not be liable for delays that are beyond reasonable control.
5.2. The determination of the number of images delivered to the Client is left to the discretion of SM&P. Therefore, SM&P is not liable to deliver every image taken at the Client's event.
5.3. Online proofs will be provided to the Client of photographic event within 2-3 weeks to initiate final selection process.
5.4. After final selection process, the Client should allow 4-6 weeks thereafter for prints, photo book processing and/or shipping & handling based on Client's selected images.


6.1. In accordance with the United States Copyright Laws, the copyright of all images created by SM&P are owned by SM&P. Therefore, SM&P retains all copyright benefits for all images created by our photographers ... forever.
6.2. SM&P reserves the right to make reproductions of images created during assignments for marketing, promotional, competition and editorial purposes.


7.1. In the case of camera failure, inclement weather or force majeure that prevents SM&P from photographing on a scheduled date and time, the Client will receive a full refund of their deposit if the Client elects not to reschedule for a near-future date and time with SM&P
7.2. If the Client fails to attend a photographic session (portraiture) with SM&P on a scheduled date and time, no refund will be provided to the Client.


8.1. Written and/or verbal requests for continued service constitutes Client acceptance of SM&P's terms, services and conditions.